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Project Impact

Developing Future Leaders

Over the last year a number of young people have emerged as potential coaches and leaders in the future. Hornstars has invested in these young people by providing them with several opportunities to gain various awards and accreditations. Through the partnership with London Active Communities a number of training opportunities were offered including peer mentoring, community sports leaders award, junior football organiser award and conflict resolution. These courses provided the basic skills and knowledge needed by the young people to assist in some of the sessions.

Holiday Programmes

As well as providing regular weekly sessions during the year the extra provision offered during the holiday periods has contributed to the government agenda of young people taking part in at least 60 mins moderate physical activity every day. During the holiday provision there were two hour sports sessions every day which were heavily attended. Without these extra sessions being offered it is unlikely that a large number of the young people would have attended any physically demanding activities.

With the issue of child obesity being high on the government agenda and obesity being linked to lifestyle habits, offering opportunities for young people to take part in physical activities is a priority for Hornstars especially in the current “play station generation” who are often at home doing little or no physical activity.

With the location of the PF project being in Stonebridge it is also meeting the Sport England directive of increasing particiaption amongst those people from ethnic minority background and areas of dperivation.

Young Entrepreneur

During the last year Abdi has been involved in almost every course and accreditation put on by Hornstars. He has completed the CSLA, Peer Mentoring, Introduction to Youth Work and Conflict Resolution Courses delivered by Changebox. He has now got a good grasp of what the project is all about which has enabled him to bring his skills in media.

He has shown a real eagerness to develop himself as an individual and has become an example to all his peers as he has so much enthusiasm for someone so young.